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How to choose industrial paper

Teach you how to buy clean paper?
Clean paper in our production industry is the most common, because the market is more and more manufacturers of dust-free paper manufacturers, we do not know how to start buying? The following by the technology to teach you how to buy:
The use of dust-free paper has unique physical properties, and the performance for the high elastic and soft performance, also has high water absorption and good moisture retention, is now widely used in the field of health, as the daily clean dust-free paper paper can be added with various liquid 000 wipe paper, can in the wet state with high temperature. With acid with most of the chemical reagents used in dust-free paper, in use also anti-static of low dust can effectively control of electrostatic discharge. Can be repeated use, is economical and clean use, is now the most used in the electronics industry, a paper towel is the most widely, due to the addition of polymer water absorbent resin, water after the water can be turned into solid, greatly improve the water absorption capability.
Dust free paper through the use of network and reinforcement of the two production process, the quality will become more durable. After the choice of clean paper can be a better wipe the product, it is smooth and soft surface, wipe semiconductor chips, circuit boards and drives and other items have a good effect. This product has a very good dust removal effect, in a certain range also has anti-static function, so that you are out of the production of goods away from the pollution problems, so that consumer satisfaction so that you feel more at ease.
Clean the paper is mainly divided into Zorbcor, gluing Zorbcor, comprehensive dust-free paper. Zorbcor is fluff pulp fiber mixed with hot melt fiber forming, mainly rely on melting hot fiber bonding; bonding dust-free paper is airlaid fluff pulp fibers by latex bonding; comprehensive dust-free paper is in between the two, both the bond hot melt fiber, also have a small amount of latex adhesive.
According to the different characteristics of the product, dust-free paper is also divided into several categories, in the wholesale dust-free paper, according to the needs of enterprises to choose the right category. If it is only the cleaning of the daily equipment as well as the use of anti-static equipment, suitable for the purchase of low cost paper. As the production of precision equipment cleaning tool, suitable for the purchase of practical zorbcor. In dust-free paper wholesale, not only to pay attention to class selection, also need to observe whether the quality standards need to clean the paper, whether after the foaming treatment observation surface, whether there are dusting phenomenon, paper strength can meet the requirement.

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